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Nature Preserve Tara – all the details about us

Read all the details about our organization, tradition and the quality of the products we offer.

We are the Nature Reserve Tara, a company that has been building tradition and quality in the production of mountain lake fish for thirty years. We are the answer to the question we all asked at least once: „Ah, how and where can I now find fresh, mountainous, healthily-fed fish and eat it regularly at home?“ We answer that question every year with thirty tons of fish sold, from our lake within the Tara National Park.

Tara Nature Reserve is located on Lake Zaovine, on Mount Tara at about 1000m above sea level. Lake Zaovine, with its 110m depth, is also the deepest lake in Serbia.

Our position within the Tara National Park itself ensures the highest level of purity of nature around us, as well as the direct involvement of institutions in preserving that purity. In such conditions, we raise fish of the highest purity, primarily trout and carp, which live in crystal clear water, covered with clean air, without pollutants and industry in our vicinity.

Tara is also one of the best preserved mountains in Serbia. For decades, this mountain has been successfully avoiding the fate of Zlatibor and Kopaonik (two mountains in Serbia that are subject to overcrowding and overconstruction), as well as illegal construction and human influence on nature. First of all, people come to Tara eager for nature, healthy air and life, as well as mountain wilderness.

Our fish farm, founded in the eighties of the last century, is one of the oldest fish farms in Serbia. We have been building tradition, quality and experience for over 30 years. Through those 30 years, we have gone through many historical and market changes, controls of work processes and we have evolved our approach. Very few companies in Serbia can boast of such a long tradition as it is interrupted much earlier due to various factors. In addition, our company is also a family company, so with every purchase from us, you help family domestic companies from Serbia.

At the fish farm of the Nature Preserve Tara, over 30 tons of fish are produced every year, which then reach the tables of our customers who have been with us for years. Such turnover and continuity allows us to deliver the freshest fish that has not waited long for its customer and that has not stood frozen in freezers for months.

The quality of our fish really varies (this is not just a cliché that stands on the website of every food producer). The theory says that the quality of fish is determined by the quality of the water in which it is raised and the food with which it is fed.

Our fish are raised in the crystal clear water of Lake Zaovine, which, with its depth of 110m, has a huge capacity of clean water that constantly circulates through our pond, ensuring that the fish is constantly in clean fresh water without toxins formed in farming.

The food we feed the fish is of the highest quality and originates from Denmark, while the feeding method is called the „Slow Grow Method“. This means that we do not use aggressive methods of mere fattening of fish and we do not add any hormones or chemicals for fast growth of fish. We feed the fish with the most modern food of the highest quality and let it grow with its natural growth. In addition, we feed our fish with plankton, which has the purest Omega acids and contributes to the health of the fish.

The final products that come out of our pond and reach your tables are therefore 100% natural. After fishing, we do not add any preservatives or chemicals to the fish or to the final products, so the fish you get from us is really completely natural, just as if you caught it yourself from the lake and ate it on the shore.

The most common species of fish in the fish farm of the Nature Preserve Tara is trout. This healthy, mountain fish contains high levels of Omega 3 and Omega 5 fatty acids. In addition, the protein that your body will receive through the trout of the Tara Nature Preserve is of the highest quality, which your body will feel when performing normal functions, ease of digestion, as well as during training or physical activity. Also, our trout contains very low levels of fat because it is not aggressively fattened and therefore contributes to optimal calorie intake and weight maintenance. Due to the stated composition, as well as high levels of niacin and B vitamins, trout greatly contributes to immunity and preserves your health. Eating fish from the ponds of the Tara Nature Preserve is really an investment in ourselves, which we have tried to facilitate as much as we can.

Our tradition and decades of existence have allowed us to bring innovations in production. Therefore, in addition to ordinary freshly cleaned trout, our products also include vacuumed fillets of fresh trout and vacuum fillets of smoked trout. These fillets are completely cleaned of intestines and bones, which reduces the preparation time to only 5 minutes and thus minimizes odors during preparation. The processing factory in which our products are finalized is also the holder of the HACCP standard and meets the strictest conditions of hygiene and preservation of product quality.

When we pause for a second and think about all the differences between the fish from our ponds and the fish that are farmed in most other ponds, you can understand the level of difference in the product you consume.

  • Most fish farms are located either in pools of limited volume or on large rivers. This leads either to the fact that the water purity is endangered by the industry that uses the rivers and the river purity itself, or to the fact that the limited basins essentially do not have access to the huge volume of clean water supplied to us by Lake Zaovine.
  • Most of the fish are fed with aggressive fattening in order to gain weight as soon as possible and send the fish for sale. This method is unsustainable and harms nature, and leads to the fact that fish contains substances that are not the most optimal for human health. Our slow grow method of eating top quality food is completely different
  • The highest priority motivation of the general sales chain is to reduce the price of fish and achieve a margin. This kind of pressure forces the participants of that chain to choose the speed, and the cheapest bidder, which almost always means the most dubious quality of fish. With our method of cultivation, it is very difficult to achieve the lowest price, but the quality is absolutely guaranteed
  • Fish that is generally available to the average buyer in a big city is often from other parts of the Balkans and is imported through the CEFTA program, with the motivation of sellers to find the cheapest supplier. This leads to a significant reduction in the freshness of the fish, and to a reduction in the control of the institutions of one state from beginning to end. In addition, it does not help domestic Serbian family businesses. We ensure the freshness of the fish through high turnover and a rigorous method of work and fishing.

Tara, our home, is a mountain located in Western Serbia and belongs to the Dinaric Alps. Its altitude is 1591m at the highest peak, and almost the entire territory is higher than 1000m above sea level. It is characterized by exceptional forest cover and richness of watercourses and lakes (the largest of which are Perućac and Zaovine).

The mountain is bordered by the river Drina, which forms the lake Perućac on the Perućac dam. The highest peak of Tara is called Kozji Rid and is located at 1591m above sea level. In addition, Tara is rich in the canyons of the rivers Rača, Brusnica and Derventa, as well as the waterfall Veliki Skakavac on the river Beli Rzav. This area is rich in caves, springs, and panoramic views (Kićak, Smiljevac, Bilješke Stene, Kozje Stene, Vitimirovac and Kozji Rid).

You can visit these treasures of Tara throughout the year, while the conditions are of course the most pleasant during spring and summer. When you come to Tara, be sure to visit the Tara Nature Preserve, on the shores of Lake Zaovine, in the very corner of the dam on the lake. Here you can see for yourself the purity of the water, our work process and the natural beauties that surround us. You can even order fish that we will clean for you and that you can pick up on the shore of the lake itself. We are waiting for you!